Invisalign clear braces treatment is a virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign clear braces may be the solution for you if you are interested in Teeth Straightening, but want to avoid having a fixed orthodontic brace.

Invisalign aligners move teeth through a series of carefully controlled movements by using removable aligners that are personally designed for your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign treatment not only controls the amount of movement that each aligner delivers, but also the timing of the movement, so at each stage, only certain teeth can move during that particular stage of your treatment. This results in an efficient force delivery system that provides straighter teeth in less time than traditional orthodontics.

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners are clear so it is virtually impossible for someone to know that you are wearing them. They can also be removed for eating and your daily oral hygiene routine.

Here we have before and after treatment photographs for what can be achieved by teeth straightening.

Before and after photographs of teeth straightening.

Vincent had crowded upper teeth that narrowed his smile and an open bite

Mikala's biggest problem was her central tooth that stuck out

Kirsty's teeth were overcrowded with overlapping central teeth

1. The Consultation
Once your dentist has confirmed you’re eligible for Invisalign treatment they will take photos, X-rays and impressions of your teeth. These records will be used to create a personalised treatment plan, just for you.

A digital scanning system is used to create precise 3D images of your teeth. Using this software we can map out the exact movements of your teeth and advise how long your treatment should take and show you images of how your teeth will look after treatment.

Simulated image based on scan of actual teeth (before Invisalign treatment).

Simulation images of before and after teeth straightening.

Simulated image based on scan of actual teeth (after Invisalign treatment)

Simulation images of before and after teeth straightening

2. The Aligners
After being custom-made at Invisalign and then delivered to our practices, you’ll receive a series of aligners to wear every day and change at home – on average every 1-2 weeks. Your dentist will explain everything you need to know.

3. The Results
You’ll visit your dentist around every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress and receive new aligners for the next stage. After finishing your treatment plan, retainers will be required to maintain your new smile.


As with all orthodontic treatment, once the teeth have been aligned it is important to keep the new tooth positions stable. This is achieved by retainers, which are bonded (fixed) on the back of the teeth where they cannot be seen. You will also be provided with a clear removable retainer.

During your Invisalign™ full case assessment appointment we will take digital photographs, X-rays if required, impressions, assess you occlusion (bite) and examine your smile. This information along with your dentists report is sent to the Invisalign ™ laboratory.

Following this you will be fitted with your custom designed braces which are made up of small clear brackets and white wires.

After this first fitting you will need to visit your dentist every 4-5 weeks for regular adjustments of your braces until the end of your treatment.

You can see the results from six months onwards.

Yes, Invisalign is a safe treatment. Before we start the treatment, our experienced and friendly dentist will explain the complete treatment journey to you.

Most people are candidates for Invisalign. Before we start the treatment, our dentist will perform a complete eligibility check for the Invisalign procedure.

Your Invisalign treatment time will depend upon the complexity of the movements required. We offer Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign i7 and Invisalign Lite.

Speak to our friendly team to find out more.